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Webtech Logic is a leading IT/Software Company that provides PHP industrial training in Chandigarh and Online. We provide training to BCA, B.Tech, MCA and diploma students who can build their career in IT Industry. We train the students and place them in the reputed organization. Webtech Logic has the best team of trainers who give the best Advance PHP training to students and teach them with their immense knowledge. All the trainers have more than 8 years of IT experience and train the students according to the IT requirement.

PHP course is highly in demand these days due to its popularity and usability in Web and Mobile Apps Development. Webtech Logic has vast experience of providing the best PHP training course and will prepare you with the latest technologies like CodeIgniter, Laravel, Magento 2, PHP 7 so that you can easily get the Job in the IT industry.

We train students from zero level to advance level of website development. Our training sessions are designed in such a way that students get the benefit through both theoretical and practical sessions. The theory sessions deal with the basics of PHP, Ajax and JavaScript. During the practical sessions, we offer screenshots, coding and downloaded version of free codes for easy understanding. The objective of the PHP Training in Chandigarh is to provide the best knowledge of PHP to the student so that he or she can perform successfully during his or her career.

PHP Training Classes in Chandigarh (From Basic to Advance )

Our PHP training includes: Basic PHP, PHP Advanced, Object Oriented Programming, MySQL Database, PHP-Ajax, Industrial Project

  • Introduction of PHP, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Constants
  • Conditional Statements (if statement, if...else statement, if...elseif...else, switch)
  • PHP Loops (While Loop, For Loop, Foreach Loop, Do While Loop)
  • PHP Functions (Built-in Functions, User Defined Functions)
  • PHP Arrays (Indexed Arrays, Associative Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Sorting Arrays)
  • PHP Forms (Form Handling, Form Validation, Email)
  • PHP Date and Time
  • PHP Include Files
  • File Handline, File Upload
  • PHP Cookies, PHP Session
  • PHP Filters, Advanced Filters
  • Basic Concepts of OOP
  • PHP - Classes/Objects
  • PHP - Constructor/Destructor
  • PHP - Access Modifiers
  • PHP - Inheritance
  • PHP - Static Methods
  • PHP - Abstract Classes
  • PHP - Static Properties
  • MySQL Database Introduction
  • MySQL Database Connectivity
  • MySQL - Insert, Update, Delete, Select
  • MySQL - Where, Order By, Limit
  • MySQL - Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join
  • AJAX Introduction,
  • AJAX and PHP
  • AJAX and MySQL
  • AJAX Live Search
  • PHP JSON Functions
  • PHP Shopping Cart, Industrial Project
  • PHP Blog System, Industrial Project
  • PHP Application Portal, Industrial Project
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